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7 Unique Dessert Boards You Have to Try

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

Charcuterie boards are taking over the food industry, and they aren't stopping at fancy meats and cheeses. Say hello to breakfast boards, ice cream boards, fondue boards, "jarcuterie" boards (we'll explain later), and even hot chocolate boards.

1. The Hot Chocolate Board

Nothing is cozier than cuddling up on a cold February night to watch your favorite Valentine's rom-com with your special someone. Amp up the cozy with this darling hot chocolate board! Bring out the heart-shaped marshmallows, the biscotti cookies, the hazelnut straws, and the caramel sauce. And if you didn't have enough wine at dinner, feel free to throw in a little Peppermint Schnapps.

Click here to get a list of the essentials to create your Hot Chocolate Board.

2. The Pancake Board

Okay, so pancakes aren't technically a dessert, but we couldn't help but include them in this list. Everyone loves being spoiled with breakfast in bed every once in a while. Surprise your loved one even more with this pancake board! Top it with pancakes, syrups, eggs, bacon, muffins, coffee, fruit, and all the yummy breakfast foods your heart desires.

Click here for a full Pancake Board recipe.

3. The Ice Cream Sunday Board

If you didn't get enough dessert, this ice cream Sunday board will definitely satisfy that sweet tooth. From macaroons to sprinkles to hot fudge, anything and everything sweet is invited to this board! Whether this is just for you or for your next party, there is something for everyone on this ice cream board. After all, who doesn't love ice cream?

Click here for more ideas on ice cream Sunday toppings to put on your board!

4. The Jarcuterie

You might be asking yourself, "What in the world does Jar-cuterie mean?" To all you friends who want to host a socially-distanced, safe party this year, Jarcuterie might be just the best thing you've ever seen. As the Today Show put it, "Jarcuterie includes all the delectability of a typical charcuterie board with an additional layer of cuteness from the perfect little portion sizes." Essentially, it's a charcuterie board in a mini jar! In response to making COVID-friendly food, this trend ha taken off in the food industry and just might be the biggest hit your friends have ever seen.

For more Jarcuterie inspiration, click here.

5. The Chocolate Fondue Board

We all know that chocolate-covered strawberries are one of the sexiest desserts. (We're not sure why given that they are always so messy, but we'll take it.) Why not bump up the sexy a bit with chocolate covered raspberries, streusel waffles, cookies, pretzels, and cream puffs? Okay, we can't guarantee this will make your night any sexier, but we can guarantee that it will be a hit with whomever you choose to share this bad boy with!

Click here to get tips on how to create the perfect chocolate fondue board.

6. The S'mores Board

Perhaps one of our favorite and most unique boards yet: The S'mores Board. If you've been thinking of what creative and safe date, venture out of the city, park under the stars, and whip out one of these s'mores boards for a whimsical date night. You can even cook the marshmallows in a cast iron skillet, or build a fire and roast them in the mountains! Whatever you decide, your loved one will not be disappointed.

Click here for a list of s'more board essentials.

7. The Valentine's Day Board

Yep, we have saved the best for last: The Valentine's Day Board (which can be enjoyed any date night but we think you will especially love this idea when Valentine’s Day rolls around!). Think of every delicious, fancy, chocolatey, fruity, and lovely sweet thing you can think of and add it to the board. Like the others, board is 100% customizable and is yours for the making. Customize with macarons, heart-shaped gummies, licorice, sugar cookies, conversation hearts, and of course, chocolates. Centered around this love-struck holiday, this board tastes just as good as it looks. Surprise your person with this new and trending Valentine's Day Board.

Click here for a step-by-step video on how to create this Valentine's Day Board.

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