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How to Make a Valentine's Day Board

Cookies, chocolate-covered pretzels, candy, berries, and anything else your sweet heart desires.

Think of every delicious, fancy, chocolatey, fruity, and lovely sweet thing you can think of and add it to the board. Like the others, board is 100% customizable and is yours for the making. Customize with macarons, heart-shaped gummies, licorice, sugar cookies, conversation hearts, and of course, chocolates. Centered around this love-struck holiday, this board tastes just as good as it looks. Surprise your person this Valentines with this new and trending Valentine's Day Board.

Valentine's Day Board

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Servings: 5-10


Frosted pink sugar cookies

Pink wafers

Frosted animal crackers

Chocolate-covered pretzels


Conversation hearts

Swedish fish hearts

Gummy bears




Mini wine bottle

***Feel free to add anything and everything sweet, sugary, pink, red, and white!


1. Place blueberries in a small ramekin. Create a heart out of the raspberries on top of blueberries. Fill another ramekin with conversation hearts. Place in the center of the board at opposing angles.

2. Add the licorice at the top of the board, horizontal with the board.

3. Spread the sugar cookies in the two corners of the board, opposite from one another. Do the same with the pink wafers in the other corners.

4. Place the pretzels left to the berry ramekin and the lollipops to the right of it.

5. Position the wine bottle on top of the lollipop sticks.

6. Arrange the animal crackers to the right of the wine bottle.

7. Fill the empty spaces of the board with gummy bears and Swedish Fish hearts.

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