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Patriotic Delights

Yummy Treats

 that will have you seeing Red, White, & Blue

Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies

Patriotic Cookie Cakes Preview.jpg

Summer Favorites

PomPom Skewers 5.png

DIY Firework Skewers

These DIY skewers look like festive little fireworks in your drinks or on an appetizer tray. They're easy and take about 10 minutes from start to finish.

Striped Pasta 1 copy.png

Make your own Striped Pasta

For these striped pasta sheets, we used natural ingredients for the color - fresh spinach, roasted beets and roasted carrots. With a pasta maker, this project comes together in under an hour and can be used to make any kind of pasta.

Cherries & Cream Cake 5 copy.png

Cherries & Cream Layer Cake

This cake is shockingly simple. With fluffy layers of vanilla cake, a whipped cream & mascarpone frosting and cherries - this cake has always been a universal crowd pleaser at family gatherings.

The Best Water

 Infused with Fruit


 Say Hello to Fruit Infusion

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