seasonal favorites




Cook at home with fresh, seasonal ingredients to create comforting meals that everyone is craving for.

Carrot Ginger Soup.jpg
Butternut Squash Soup 4.png

This soup is a breeze to make with only five main ingredients

The creamiest butternut squash soup - so healthy, yet it feels so indulgent. Definitely the way to start the year off right

Herb Twist 3.jpg

 Take advantage of whatever herbs & cheese you have available in your kitchen

An easy-to-mix-and-knead-dough that gets rolled up with your choice of herbs and grated cheese

Chicken pot pie makes an easy and comforting weeknight meal

Bring on comfort food at the close of winter with this easy and cozy chicken pot pie that will simply hit the spot.


the art of baking


sourdough rolls

Soft, pillowy center, enveloped in a golden, crisp, crust. This sourdough dinner roll recipe is easy, and takes all the complexity out of the sourdough-making process. Don't worry, you will still get that soft pillowy enter with the nice crunchy crust you crave for.


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