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This Citrus Spiralizer Makes the Perfect Cocktail Garnish

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

We're always looking to get creative with our drinks - even the non-alcoholic ones! This recent find by Chef'n makes the perfect citrus spiral to complement everything from ice-cold lemonade to your favorite citrus cocktail.

Key favorite points about the Chef'n Lemon-Aid Spiralizer:

1. You get to spiral the ENTIRE fruit. Of course you can cut that spiral to any length you would like, but there is something refreshing about garnishing with something more than just the peel or a plain-old lemon wedge.

2. Comes with accompanying hand guard for when you reach the end of the fruit - eliminate waste while protecting your fingers!

3. This can be used with just about any produce item that will fit! Strawberries, Kiwis, Cucumbers, Limes, Mandarin Oranges - the sky's the limit.

Try it out, we'd love to hear about your creative uses for this nifty tool.

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