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The Kitchen Gadgets We Can't Live Without This Fall

Our top 3 picks for Fall snacking and baking.

First: Lekue Popcorn Maker

There are lots of gadgets out there for making your own popcorn without the artificial flavors and greasiness of the pre-bagged stuff. I've had two experiences: Cooking on the stovetop, which makes excellent popcorn, but requires oil and a bit of cleanup afterwards. The second is an air popper that gets the job done fast with minimal mess, but results in chewier kernels rather than crisp.

Enter the Lekue Popcorn Maker: no oil required and cooks popcorn in the microwave in minutes. The cleanup is a breeze and the entire thing collapses into 1/3 its size for easy storage. Garnish with a little butter and your favorite seasoning (we're a fan of this Chili Lime Salt from Salt Sisters), and you're ready to watch the big game (or your favorite rom-com). Check it out here.

Second: The 3-in-1 Ginger Peeler Grater from Talisman

From ginger snaps and gingerbread to ginger teas and savory curries - fresh ginger adds a pop of spice that is so addictive. While we love the cozy spiciness of ginger, we admit that grating it by hand is 100% a pain. You can buy a fresh ginger paste in a lot of produce aisles, but we find that the flavor is bland and watery and lacks the zing found when freshly grated. Enter this Ginger Peeler!! Surprisingly easy to use, the tool peels, slices and grates ginger in half the time as other graters (seriously). Check it out here.

Third: The Pastry Wheel Decorator and Pastry Stamps, also from Talisman

This is an obvious choice for Fall. Make adorable pie crusts that look professional in a minute flat. My personal favorite is the looping Pastry Stamp, but as the pack comes in a variety of 3 stamps, you don't have to choose! Ready, set, bake! Check out the Pastry Wheel Decorator here and the Pastry Stamps here.

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