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The Gift Guide 2019

Updated: Dec 5, 2019

Gifts for everyone on your list (including yourself!).


For the Host

Panorama Knife & Board Set

Why we love it? The knife's serrated edge follows the mountain skyline of famous cities around the world, including locations from across the Swiss Alps, Japan, France, South Africa and the United States (and more!). We also love that the matching board has a skyline inlay to go with.

La Rochere Glassware

I have to admit I'm an easy sell on this one, and while a lot of it has to do with La Rochere's 500-year history of making French glass for history's most glamorous folks, I can't help but love their modern take on the most classic designs. That's my kind of splurge.


For the Cook

American Kitchen Stainless Steel Cookware

There are many, many cookware brands on the market, but what sets the American Kitchen line of stainless steel pans apart is the family-owned brand behind them, Regal Ware. Made in Wisconsin and designed to be your kitchen's work horse, these pots and pans are of 3-ply construction, meaning they're thick enough to evenly distribute heat and light enough to whip around your kitchen as needed. And you know who else uses and trusts Regal Ware? Christopher Kimball of Milk Street.

Professional Stainless Steel Pepper Mill

This 12-inch tall stainless steel pepper mill makes a statement in any kitchen. Gone are the disposable plastic pepper grinders from the supermarket spice aisle - and definitely gone are the shakers of pre-ground-slightly-stale pepper. Treat yourself and impress your guests with a fresh crack of pepper at the table - with an adjustable grind (fine to coarse) and a lifetime warranty.


For the Meal Prepper


What's great about the NutriBullet compared to a traditional blender? It is so easy to use and clean up. The plastic jar you blend in doubles as an on-go-the cup with drink tops included. AND the cups are dishwasher safe on the top rack. I can quickly whip up a single smoothie in the morning and put a cap on it and be out the door. (And for the person who is NOT a morning person but maybe would like to be... this is a lifesaver).

Widgeteer Urban Insulated Lunch Bag

We like this tote because, while we have embraced that desk lunch lifestyle, we haven't forgotten to do it in style. Made in Spain, this insulated bag features pockets large enough to carry 50 oz bottles (water or wine, we won't tell) and plenty of space for several food containers. Can be worn as a backpack, carried as a tote or swung over your shoulder for the office or a weekend picnic.


For the Coffee Lover

Capresso Ultima PRO

For the family member, spouse, or friend (or you!) that appreciates a quality cup of Joe, cappuccino or espresso, the Capresso Ultima PRO has it covered, from the coziness of your own kitchen. Comes with a 15-bar pump for rich crema atop your espresso, powerful frothing wand for lattes & cappuccinos, programmable function for 1 or 2 cups at a time and much more.

Capresso Froth Select

Okay, yes. This is also Capresso brand. But you guys, their stuff is GOOD. I mean look at that creamy-frothy-chocolatey mix (pictured above, right). Whether you're simply frothing some hot milk for a fabulous latte or whipping up a velvety hot chocolate for the fam, this is your go-to. The Froth Select has hot and cold selections and can be used with liquids, powders and chocolate chips.


For the Neat Freak

e-Cloth Cleaning & Polishing Towels

If you or any of your friends/family have ever yearned to clean your house without all the chemicals, e-cloths are for you. The brand set out to answer the question, "What if you could build dazzling cleaning power into a durable, reusable cloth instead of delivering it in a disposable bottle?" They succeeded with a cloth that uses water absorbed in microscopic voids in the fiber to clean and lock away 99% of bacteria including E-coli, Listeria and Mold spores.

WellnessMats Anti-Fatigue Mats

With all the cooking and eating the holidays bring, they also undoubtedly bring a fair amount of time spent in the kitchen - standing at the stove or at the sink washing dishes. Add a little extra spring to your step with these gel mats that are like little clouds for your feet. Also great for the feet of those looking to get in on the meal-prepping game in 2020.


For those that Brunch

Cuisinart Double Belgian Rotating Waffle Maker

It's common knowledge that the best part of any hotel stay or road trip is the Belgian waffles for breakfast. Bring that diner vibe home with this rotating waffle maker from Cuisinart. The machine cooks two at time - with that golden crisp exterior and fluffy soft interior. And if you're a fan of Leslie Knope's, you know what her friends would say - "Treat Yo' Self!"

Butter Bell

Keep your counters clean and tidy and opened butter neatly contained in another French favorite, the Butter Bell. But this isn't your average butter dish - the butter bell uses water in the bottom of the jar to create a seal for the surface, keeping the butter from oxidizing and picking up ambient flavors and smells as easily. #genius

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