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The Fall Tablescape of our Dreams

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

This fall table gets splashes of color from seasonal gourds (of course) and Nopales - aka the pads from a Prickly Pear Cactus, available at most Latin grocery stores.

This table is the perfect set up for fall dinner parties and Friendsgiving. Arrange your decor around main dishes, such as the Turkey & Stuffing Meatballs above, and don't be afraid to lay down a couple of cutting boards underneath and place snacks like grapes and pecans right down amongst the main dishes.

What we used:

1 Large Pumpkin, for the centerpiece

2 Wooden cutting boards

5 Nopales (Cactus Pads)

8 Small Decorative Pumpkins & Gourds

7 Dried Orange Slices

2 Tea Candles

Wooden Serving Utensils

Bunches of Green Grapes

White Plates & Crystal Wine Glasses

6 Cheese Leaves or Name cards, for assigned seating

How to Start:

1. Lay down your plates. Place large pumpkin in center of table.

2. Place wooden cutting boards on opposite sides of pumpkin. Layer with nopales*, decorative pumpkins/gourds and orange slices - leaving space for main dishes, sides and snacks/appetizers.

*Use tongs when handling nopales that still have spines. To prep the cactus, take a pairing knife and shave cactus spines from the surface. You can see from our images that we skipped that step - don't make that mistake.

3 . Add your main dishes/sides/snacks to empty spaces on cutting boards, rearranging as necessary. Fill in holes with fruit slices, grapes, nuts, etc.

4. Finish by placing candles, wine glasses, serving utensils and name cards if using.

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