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Quick Guide to Start Composting (Even if You Live in an Apartment)

What to compost, why to compost - and how to do it indoors without stinking up your apartment.

Why Compost?

The two main reasons for composting are, 1) to cut down on waste and items that end up in landfills and 2) cultivate nutritious soil for your garden or houseplants.

What's the difference between all those scraps decaying in a compost bin versus decaying in a landfill? According to Small Foot Print Family,

" When organic matter like food waste goes to the landfill, it ends up decomposing anaerobically—or without oxygen. This process creates methane, a greenhouse gas 20-35 times more potent than carbon dioxide at warming our planet. Landfills are the United States’ third largest source of methane emissions, according to the EPA."

What to Add to Your Home Compost Bin:

Fruit and Vegetable Scraps and peels (avoid citrus)

Egg Shells (crushed)

Coffee Grounds and Filters

Tea bags & Loose Leaf Tea

Used Paper napkins, paper towels, shredded newspaper and tissues

Cooked pasta or rice

Stale bread/pitas/tortillas/chips

What to Avoid:

Meat scraps




Pet feces (rabbit droppings are OK)



Check out this infographic from Sustainable America to get started on your home compost bin!

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