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Glitz & Glam Snack Board

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

A lovely spread, no matter the occasion or time of year.


Notes from the LHTC Team

We, like the rest of the internet, are a little obsessed with snack boards. All the colors! The sweet and salty treats! Cheese! Arranged in such a way that every item has a place - it's like an ensemble cast in your favorite rom (Love Actually, anyone?). So gather your favorite snack all stars and create an ensemble board the whole family can enjoy. We'll dm Hugh Grant and see if he has plans.


Glitz & Glam Snack Board

Servings: 4-6 | Prep Time: 20 Minutes


3 Types of Fruit (we chose Apples, Pomegranate, Grapes)

2 Types of Crackers (we chose Butter Crackers and Wheat Crackers)

1 Baguette, sliced

Butter and/or Jam

1/4 lb. thinly sliced Salami or Proscuitto

1 wedge Blue Cheese

Honey Comb or a little bowl of Honey for drizzling

2 Types of Nuts (we chose Toasted Hazelnuts and Salted Pistachios)

Stuffed Olives

Cherry Tomatoes

Fresh Mini Mozzarella Balls

Fresh Basil Leaves

15-20 Skewers

2 bars of your favorite Chocolate

Celebratory Drink of choice

3 Boards or Platters, we used 1 round gray marble, 1 rectangular wood, and 1 oval wood.


1. First, assemble the tomato and mozzarella skewers by alternating cherry tomatoes,

mini mozzarella balls and fresh basil leaves. Set aside.

2. Lay out your boards on the table on which you plan to serve. Arrange any bowls of honey or butter first, followed by cheese, fruit, meat and tomato skewers. Add arrays of crackers and sliced baguette surrounding those items. Fill in spaces with nuts and pieces of chocolate to finish. Enjoy!

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