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Mother's Day Brunch Tray

Everything you need to make Mom the perfect Sunday Brunch!

Notes from the LHTC Team:

In putting together a cheerful brunch tray we wanted to make sure we had at least one protein (in our case, quiche), one bread (scones), one drink and something bright & fresh (fresh fruit). If you're looking for ideas - scroll on down for a few of our favorites.


Mini Quiches in 3 Different Flavors

Quiches are one of the easiest things to adapt when ingredients are sparse. Sub in almost any vegetable, meat or cheese to make your own creation. We made 3 different flavors with ingredients we happened to have in our kitchen - Bacon & Potato, Garden Veggie and Ham & Cheddar. Make some quiche!


Lime & Honey Tropical Fruit Salad

Again, this recipe is perfect for any type of fruit you have on hand. The lime and honey dressing brightens and sweetens fruit to make it taste its best. Try this with grapes, mangoes, apples, raspberries, melon and more. Try the fruit salad!


Afternoon Tea Scones

If your Mom was into Downton Abbey, she might just be into these Afternoon Tea Scones too. Inspired by those found at the Savoy Hotel in London, they are tall and golden brown and are a perfect pair with a little butter and jam. They also make the perfect addition to any brunch. Try the scone recipe!


Kitchen gear to make the perfect brunch even better!

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