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Make Your Own DIY Coffee & Tea Cart

Put together an easy and stylish coffee and tea cart for the ultimate treat-yo-self weekday morning.

The cart was pretty easy to put together, gathering all of our favorite coffee accessories around the kitchen and putting them together in one convenient place. On top of the cart sits the fabulous Jura A1 Automatic Coffee Maker (which makes espresso, coffee and ristretto), sugar, creamer and of course a cute mug with spoons or stirring sticks. Also, one of your favorite framed prints/family pictures hanging above is a wonderful way to start the day as you prep your coffee.

An easy-to-access hand towel for quick cleanup of spills or crumbs is a super convenient addition - and plenty of greenery ads life to the corner cart.

To fancy-up a standard stainless steel kitchen cart (from Ikea!) we attached a much beloved butcher block cutting board to the top to reinvent and customize the coffee cart.

On the second shelf, we added a wicker basket filled with our favorite teas, as well as the French Press and stacks of mugs and saucers. It's all about easy access!

However you accessorize your cart, add the pieces that make your morning or afternoon pick-me-up easy, refreshing and organized!

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