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Fresh Spring Rolls

Ready to start craving vegetables?

Notes from the LHTC Team:

One of the few ways to actually crave vegetables - spring rolls are a gorgeous and healthy snack or meal. Make them in any flavor - more vegetables for something light, maybe a little more meat or fish to make a filling meal. We went with a classic combination of cucumber, carrots, avocado and crab sticks from the fish section of our local grocery store.

The one trick we discovered to make rolling the sticky rice paper sheets a little easier - only soak for a couple of seconds - the sheet won't be completely soft - but it continues to soften as you fill and roll - and even as the roll sits before eating. Slice immediately if you want them cut in half or in sushi-style pieces as they become more sticky and harder to cut the longer you let them sit (use a chef's knife - not a serrated knife which only gets caught on the wrapper and rips out the filling). *And if you find that everything is getting just a little too sticky, wet your hands and spritz a little water on your surface.


Fresh Spring Rolls

Servings: 2-4 | Prep Time: 15 Minutes

Download the Recipe


4 Spring Roll Wrappers

Warm Water

1 Carrot, peeled

1/2 Cucumber, peeled

4 Leaves Butter Lettuce

Avocado, sliced in thin wedges

Crab, Salmon, Chicken or Shrimp

Pickled Ginger

Cilantro Leaves

Sweet Chile Sauce, for dipping

Optional Add-Ins:

Mango, sliced into matchsticks

Thai Basil

Scallions/Green Onions

Shredded Red Cabbage

Red Bell Pepper, sliced into matchsticks

Cooked Rice Vermicelli Noodles

Scrambled Egg, cooled & sliced into strips

1. Prepare the vegetables: slice carrot and cucumber into thin match sticks. Lay out all other ingredients so they are easy to access while assembling - the lettuce leaves, avocado slices, crab (or sliced salmon, chicken or shrimp), cilantro leaves and pickled ginger.

2. Assemble the spring rolls: pour warm (not boiling) water in a wide, shallow bowl (a pie dish works great for this). Dip 1 spring roll wrapper entirely in the water to submerge for a few seconds. Remove when just moistened (It's okay if it's still a little stiff, it will continue to soften as you fill it). Lay flat on a cutting board (a plastic or silicone board will help a little with sticking).

3. In the bottom third of the wrapper, add the fillings - carrot, cucumber, lettuce, avocado, crab (or other protein), pickled ginger and cilantro leaves. Fold the bottom of the wrapper over the filling and fold the sides in similar to a burrito. Finish rolling the spring roll - as tightly as you can.

4. Serve immediately with sweet chile sauce if desired.

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