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DIY Champagne (or Soda) Tower

All you need for this decadent tower of overflowing champagne? 11 Plastic champagne glasses from the craft store and a tray to catch the drips.


Notes from the LHTC Team:

Ever have dreams of overflowing champagne and a decadent tower twinkling glasses? Grab a box of plastic champagne coupe glasses from your local craft store (Hobby Lobby, Michael's) and a tray to build your tower on. We found that the finished tower actually ends up relatively sturdy as the plastic cups don't slip and slide as easily as glass or crystal. Then gather everyone around and pop the cork on your favorite bubbly!


DIY Champagne Tower

Servings: 11

What you need:

11 Plastic Champagne Coupe Glasses

1 Large Tray or Platter

Champagne or Soda (we used cranberry flavored Ginger ale for a work party-friendly version)

A towel (probably)


1) Building on the tray, place one plastic glass in the center. Surround it with 6 more cups. Stack 3 on top of those and one on the top. Easy! Pour over your drink when everyone's around, and you're done (just make sure to catch the fun on camera!)

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