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Simple Tips for an Eco-Friendly Kitchen

Ready to throw out all the single-use plastic?? So are we. Here's 3 of our favorite products to replace all those baggies, straws and plastic wrap.

Beeswax wraps are an all-around useful storage tool. Want to wrap a sandwich for lunch? Beeswax wrap. Cover a piece of fruit for the road? Beeswax wrap. Storing leftovers? Beeswax wrap. It has a natural texture that sticks to just about anything. Simply rinse with a little dish soap and cool water to clean! We're partial to these beautiful wraps from Z-Wraps.

Thankfully, the world is hopping on the re-usable straw trend and we are too. Simply replacing your plastic straw for a stainless steel or silicone one is a fantastic step in an eco-friendly direction. We love these stainless steel ones from HIC, available in both Cocktail and Tumbler sizes (pictured: Cocktail size).

If You Care offers an ENTIRE line of products for kitchen and home all made with recycled materials. A few of their products include recycled Aluminum Foil, Coffee Filters, Roasting Bags and the adorable Paper Snack & Sandwich Bags shown below. Bonus: they're perfect for writing cute notes too. Win-Win.

Let us know what you're doing at home to be a little kinder to our environment in the comments below!

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