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9 Tools to Make the Greatest Homemade Pasta

If you're looking to get into homemade pasta making - this list has everything you need to get started!


Pasta Perfetta Machine in Matte Black

Of course, first things first: a pasta machine is the best way to make fantastic pasta easily. Roll dough as thick or as thin as you need - and use cutter options to get perfectly cut noodles quickly. We love the Pasta Perfetta for it's various rolling options, high quality and affordable price point.


Square Ravioli Pasta Case Maker

Perfectly shaped, professional-quality ravioli is quick and easy with this Ravioli Pasta Case Maker. You'll get perfect scalloped edges and just the right ratio of filling to pasta. And they're pretty to boot! Try this when you try this Roasted Beet Ravioli with Ricotta Filling.


Ultimate Pastry Board

This sturdy maple pastry board is perfect for making fresh pasta dough, pastries, rolling out cookies and pie crusts. One of our favorite parts? The walnut wood edge that holds the board against the edge of the countertop to keep the board from moving around while rolling out or kneading dough.


Universal Cutter

If you decide to hand roll your pasta, this universal cutter is a fantastic way to get perfectly even noodles, every time. And with multiple blades, not only are you getting even slices, but you're getting through the work that much faster! We love this cutter for other uses as well, like quickly slicing herbs and lunch meats.


GEFU Force One: Potato, Juice & Spaetzle Press

After years of looking for household hacks for shaping the German pasta, Spaetzle, this press makes easy work of it. The dough is simply pressed through the gadget straight into the boiling water to cook. The press also works for potatoes to make the smoothest mashed potatoes you've ever had.


Ravioli Pasta Mold

Another fantastic tool for molding ravioli, this mold creates a cavity for your filling and then closes shut to seal the dough. This is also works for making empanadas and hand pies!


3-Piece Pasta Cooker

If you've ever made pasta, you can probably relate to the struggle of easily straining out hot water without losing a noodle or two. This 3-piece pasta cooking set drains liquid while providing a shield for noodles, potatoes and other boiled veggies. The tri-ply stainless steel stock pot is also perfect for soups and stews.


12" Spaghetti Tongs

These fan-favorite stainless steel tongs are perfect for serving spaghetti, linguini, fettuccini, angel and more. It is both stylish and practical - which makes it the perfect kitchen tool for both weeknight meals and entertaining.


Hook Fine Skimmer

Another high-quality kitchen basic, this fine skimmer is great for cooking/serving pastas like ravioli, macaroni, rigatoni, bowtie, spaetzle and more. This tool is also useful when blanching vegetables & fruit and skimming cooking liquids & fat from the surface of soups, stews and broths while cooking.

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