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13 Best Summer Cookout Accessories

Backyard cookouts are one of our favorite things, and these items will only make 'em better!


Ancho Chile Pork Burger Mix

The larger-than-life burger photo on the front of this package says it all. We'll be buying this ASAP, and making our own "bodacious" burgers all summer.


Tub Cooler with Stand and Carry Bag

It's easy to keep your drinks chilly with this tub cooler - it's portable so you can take it just about anywhere (even if it's just the backyard!) and comes with a carry bag to make it convenient for camping and the like. If you're looking to upgrade your grill-out experience, this is a sure fire way to do it. Also, talk about a great gift idea.


The Rosle BBQ Weight

This enameled cast iron grill weight is perfect for grilling burgers, steaks and other items. The weight is first placed directly on the grill to heat it up and then placed on the meat to help cook the item evenly. And at $30, this heavy weight cast iron grill tool is an affordable way to up your grill game.


Adjustable Height Tailgate Table with Carry Bag

This table is perfect for just about any task - grilling out in the backyard, a place to hold your drink while you work in the garden, camping - you name it. It folds up quickly and easily and just might be one of the most practical items you buy this summer.


Solid Copper Hammered Moscow Mule Mugs, Set of 2

A Moscow Mule just isn't the same if it's not served in a chilly copper mug. And since many out there are working on their home-bar-tending skills, what better time to invest in your own set of copper mugs? Especially ones that look this nice.


Popcorn Pan for the Grill

How nostalgic is this?? Stovetop popcorn is one of the greatest (and most versatile) snacks of all time. Toss with classic butter and salt or add a couple of tablespoons of sugar to the pot with the oil during popping for a crisp and sweet kettle corn. And with this pot, you cook your stovetop popcorn right on the grill for the perfect backyard snack.


Handy Holder Beverage, Set of 2

No table, no problem! Keep your beverage (cup or can) out of the grass and off the ground with these handy holders from Oak & Olive. Easy to use and easy to clean, this might just be the perfect lawn accessory for those that love being outdoors.


Charcoal Kettle Sport F50

The star of the show, a good cook-out needs a grill. Charcoal grills are our favorite type of grill for 3 reasons: 1) smoky flavor from the coals is better than anything you'll get with an electric or gas grill, 2) the temperature of the coals burns hotter, giving you a crispier exterior and a juicer interior, and 3) you typically don't get large flare-ups like you would with an open-flame from a gas grill.


Bourbon Bacon Jam from Stonewall Kitchen

Bacon, bourbon, need we say more? This jam makes a PERFECT compliment to a grown-up grilled cheese or savory addition to a juicy burger right off the grill. Whatever you use this for, this jam is sure to satisfy any bacon lover (which is, like, pretty much all of us, right?).


Viking Double Wall Stainless Steel Thermal Beverage Bowl

While we love a sparkling San Pellegrino on a hot day (pictured above), this thermal Viking bowl is perfect for so much more. Sodas, beer, water, wine, salads - sky's the limit for this gorgeous serving bowl. The double wall thickness ensures that temps stay chilly, longer, and the stainless steel finish makes a gorgeous accent no matter your decor.


LED BBQ Solar Light

Grilling in the evening and losing daylight? This solar powered bbq light clamps on wherever is most convenient to shine light right where you need it. And it never needs batteries or an outlet, which makes this a perfect grill accessory, no matter where you are grilling.


Rainbow Drinking Straws, Set of 4, from HIC Kitchen

These are seriously stylish straws. Their iridescent quality makes them party-ready, and the included cleaning brush makes them a breeze to clean at the end of the day. We all know regular straws hurt the environment and animals - you can read more about the problem here - and these cute straws are such an easy way to do our part to help out our planet.


Cocktail Bar Tool Roll Up

This awesome cocktail tool kit has everything you need to make a fantastic drink - and it's portable to boot! And while travel might be at a minimum right now, this tool kit is a perfect addition to backyard cookouts as well - making it easy to fetch every tool you need, all at once.

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