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You will need to install or upgrade the Macromedia Flash Plugin to view this section. will give you the confidence to conquer the kitchen and unleash your inner chef. Find the tools and tips you need to get started. Gain satisfaction from cooking a meal your friends and family will love. THE 411 will help you shop, cook, and entertain like a pro. Follow a STEP-BY-STEP lesson for extra tutoring at the pace you need. Visit LOCAL FLAVOR to find out what's happening in your town or to get ideas for your next vacation.

A Cooking Note:
Baking is chemistry and requires you to stick to the recipe. For all other cooking, be creative and make changes & additions to fit your taste.

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My Saved Recipes
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                       Upcoming Culinary Events:
Intrepid - Flavours of Tokyo - Japan-Tokyo
Time Offered: year round
Duration: 4 days
Marguerite's Elegant Home Cooking - French

Time Offered: Year Round
Duration: 1/2-day class
Cooking Class Chef Central - Hartsdale, NY 10530
Address: 45 S. Central Park Ave.  [map it]
City/State/Zip: Hartsdale, NY 10530
Cooking Class The Compleat Gourmet - Richmond, VA 23221
Address: 3030 W. Cary Street  [map it]
City/State/Zip: Richmond, VA 23221
Cooking Class The Cooking Depot - Cuero, TX 77954
Address: 202 South Esplanade  [map it]
City/State/Zip: Cuero, TX 77954
Cooking Class Cook's, Pots & Tabletops - Eugene, OR 97405
Address: 2807 Oak St.  [map it]
City/State/Zip: Eugene, OR 97405
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